Within a year Belarus is to supply $20 million worth of beef to China

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus signed trade contracts with the Chinese companies for beef supply for $20 million, Head of the Chief Department of foreign economic activity of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Republic of Belarus Alexey Bogdanov informed journalists on Friday in Minsk.

“The delegation of business community of China which is interested to buy beef from us in the republic arrived to us. They have visited five meat-processing plants and are happy with what they have seen. Today contracts for the total amount of $20 million are signed. These are the annual contracts which will allow us to export beef to China”, – A. Bogdanov noted.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus, the amount of $20 million is “the frame annual amount”. Products specification and volume will be discussed and defined later. At the same time, he specified it is boneless meat that will be exported to China.

A. Bogdanov reminded that since July 10 Belarus acquired the right to supply beef for Chinese market. “Slowly we invite business delegations to work out with them the logistic scheme, to learn Chinese way of boning, specify the tastes and preferences of consumers to enter Chinese market substantially”, – Mr. Bogdanov continued.

The representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production noted that Belarus already supplies beef to Asia – to Vietnam, Hong Kong. “Today we specifically study and work on continental China to deliver Belarusian products there”, – he specified.

According to the words of A. Bogdanov, there are only 8 enterprises are certified to supply beef directly to China and we do continue work on certification of other producers.

Moreover, we do consider supplying poultry as well. The inspection has already taken place and the memorandum of certification of poultry and access to Chinese market is signed. We hope that in a year we will be able to supply poultry to Chinese consumer”, – A. Bogdanov added.

Chinese businessmen do hope to buy in Belarus not only frozen, but also cooled (chilled) meat in Belarus, CEO of the Sina-Trade company Mr. Ma Zhiyuan informed journalists on Friday in Minsk.

Chilled meat will always be in high demand. Unfortunately, so far the period of storage after all is not enough to deliver it to China. We are working on it. I hope that we will be able also to supply chilled meat to China soon”, – Mr. Ma Zhiyuan said.

Sina-Trade already works on the territory of Belarus. For the last half a year from Berezovsky and Pinsk meat processing plants the company supplied almost $1 million worth of beef to Southeast Asia.