China opened its market for belarussian beef

The volume of the Chinese investments into our agro-industrial complex increases. In May in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production signed the Intention Protocol for investment into agriculture for about $1 (one) billion with DRex corporation. At the beginning of July the green light for frozen beef and chicken meat supply to China been given. Leonid Zayats and the minister General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.C. Zhi Shuping agreed on requirements for the exported goods. And yesterday at the Ministry of Agriculture this intention been turned into concrete decisions.

Over the course of the year, three belarusian meat processing plants are to supply beef for $ 20 million. The directors of Berezovsky, Pinsky and Brest meat processing plants signed a contract with mr. Zhang Yi., general director of Chinese Great Silk Road Meat (Industry) Trade and Investment Co., Ltd.

The day before, representatives of the Chinese business community interested in purchasing our beef visited Brest, Grodno, Mogilev, Pinsk meat processing plants and Berezovsky meat packing plant. They are ready to buy and process even beef bones from Brest meat processing plant. And Pinsk meat-processing plant been offered to increase the production of beef at newly established joint venture. Partners are ready to adjust also the production technology of halal products, in common to develop recipes and to sell products in Chinese market.

This immense market means a lot to us. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food constantly invites Chinese business delegations to work out together on logistics supply schemes, specifics of butchering meat, and analyzing consumer taste preferences. Now eight of our meat processing enterprises are certified for beef export, others are still in the process of certification.

By the way, another company, Sina-Trade, over the past six months, together with the Berezovsky meat packing plant and the Pinsk meat processing plant supplied to the South-East Asia countries market with frozen beef for almost a million dollars.